Red & White Polka Dot Harness


Sizes available including measurements. Please measure your dogs neck and chest to ensure a good fit for your buddies.

Features include

  • Quick release buckle making it easier to apply and taking off the harness
  • Durable nylon mesh making the harness soft, breathable and most importantly providing comfortability
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable chest belt providing a good fit
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Material: Soft mesh and polyester

Size     Neck




Dog Breed Suitability
XS 22 27-40 Fits puppies or toy breed dogs
S 27 33-48 Fits Chihuahua, Pomeranian breeds
M 33 38-55 Fits Shih-Tzu’s, Cavalier King Charles, Cavoodle   breeds
L 38 45-66 Fits Cavalier King Charles, Beagle, Schnauzer breeds
XL 43 53-76 Fits Dalmatians, Kelpie breeds

Large, Medium, Small, X-Large, X-Small

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