ProGroom 2 in 1 Shampoo 500mL


ProGroom’s 2-in-1 Conditioning shampoo for dogs (also safe for cats) is designed to leave the coat soft and manageable without the addition of a separate conditioning step.



    • Cleans deeply and gently, removing dirt and excess oils, leaving coat fresh, fluffed and fragrant
    • Softens coat, moisturizes, and adds manageability without additional conditioners
    • Good for all coat types, when light conditioning is desirable
    • Can be diluted up to 6:1, use less dilution for more conditioning
    • Easy rinse soap-free formula
    • pH balanced for safety and effectiveness
    • Long lasting tropical fragrance.


    For maximum conditioning value, use full strength on wet or use as a second shampoo for a dirty dog.  Can be diluted up to 6:1, or used 15:1 through a Hydrobath for just a touch of conditioning.


    • Avoid contact with eyes.
    • If dog is squinting or rubbing at eyes, flush gently with tepid water for 5 minutes.
    • Use Pro Groom Berry Bright Facial Foam cleanser around eye area to prevent eye irritation.
    • Use diluted shampoo within 24-48 hours.
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