Portable Dog Water Bottle with Flipable Feeder


The unique bottle end makes it easy for your best friend to drink from the bottle with minimal waste and mess. The flip-style water trough designs saves space for carrying around.

It is portable and lightweight making it easy to carry in your bag, hang from your hands or fit into your car cup holders.

This is the perfect solution for your pets drinking water outdoors.


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Brand Name: REDMINUT
Dimension: 401mm x 69mm
Size: 420ml
Material: Plastic

How to use this dog water bottle?

1- Flip the bottle from the trough, unscrew from the middle.

2- Fill with a water bottle with water.

3- Pull the bottle from the trough, open the safety lock and press the button.

4- The water flow out, so the dog can enjoy it.


Blue, Pink, Purple, White

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