M-Pets Puppy Training Pads


M-Pet Puppy Training Pads are great for travelling, travel crates and cages, bedding, whelping and post surgery.

  • 60x60cm
  • Leakproof
  • Fast drying
  • Clean paws
  • No odours
  • 5 Layer protection
  • Dermotologically tested
30 Pack50 Pack100 Pack
30 Pack
50 Pack
100 Pack
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Take the hassle out of training your pet to pee properly within your home. The pad comprises 5 layer plus of maximum absorption and protection. It has large coverage in 60x60cm ensuring that your floor is not stained while your puppy undergoes training.

The non-woven design, tear resistant top and leak-proof bottom helps contain your puppies little gifts, while the 5 absorbent layers helps to trap liquids and neutralise bad odours, protecting your floors and making cleaning up a breeze.

Colour: White


30 Pack, 50 Pack, 100 Pack

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