Green Branch H-Frame Dog Harness


Made from high-quality nylon webbing, the harness is durable and will be comfortable and secure for your dog to wear.  It is a great alternative to collars as a harness will take the pressure away from your dogs neck and instead distribute it evenly across the chest.  Flattened out, it has theshape of an H. The Figure-H harness loops around the pet’s chest and its waist, connected
by cross-bars on the pets back and under its chest. Connect a leash to one of the D-ring on the pet’s back. Adjusts to a snug, precise fit

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  • Constructed from high grade nylon webbing for comfort and durability
  • Stitched with cool graphic ribbons
  • Adjustable harness for accurate fit
  • Easy to fit
  • Matching accessories available
  • Double D rings


Size Neck (cm) Belly (cm) Back Length (cm) Width of harness (cm)
S 24-36 28-45 8 1.5
M 32-45 37-64 10 2
L 39-64 52-89 15 2.5





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